With more than 80 years of combined experience, we are able to work with anyone that is ready to create a partnership with a dedicated financial professional. We specialize, however, in Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Pre-Retirees and Retirees. These focuses allow us to use our experience and expertise to concentrate on the things that matter most to our clients.

By taking a holistic approach to our client’s needs we uncover aspects of our clients’ financial lives that even he or she was not aware of. 

Pre-retirees and Retirees

20 years is now the average retirement. That is about 8,000 days. Retirement is not an end, but the start of a new and exciting phase of life that brings many uncertainties. The beginning of retirement will not look like the middle, which will not look like the end. It is important to have an advisor with the experience and the expertise to guide you through retirement’s entirety. With over 80 years of combined experience, TRSS Wealth Management advisors can be that guide.

Business Owners

Owners often have much of their wealth invested in the business and no time to consider how the value of the business will provide for the owner after he or she stops operating the business. An advisor is essential to recognize the full potential of the small business while in business and to strategize when the owner inevitably steps away from the day-to-day work. From employer sponsored retirement plans to employee benefits and exit strategies, advisors at TRSS Wealth Management have the skills required for business owners because they are business owners.  


As executives focus on the growth and stability of their enterprise and life, it leaves little time for personal finances. Time constraints combined with the complexities that executives face with equity incentive compensation, trading plans, and taxes make the need for a competent advisor imperative. Advisors at TRSS Wealth Management are ready to be you and your family’s personal CFO. 


Attorneys understand the importance of acting in your client’s best interest. As a fee-based practice, the independent advisors at TRSS Wealth Management always put their client’s interests first. Whether a partner or an associate, attorneys would all benefit from expert advice on the particular financial issues that arise for practitioners.