Financial Planning Fees: Hourly or Flat Fees

Depending on the complexity of the matter and length of the engagement the advisor will charge either a flat fee or an hourly rate. Flat fees are generally for 12 month engagements. Flat fees range from $1,250 - $5,000. Hourly fees for advisors range from $250 - $350; $75-$125 for professional staff/paraplanner* 

Subject to annual review and change.

Investment Management: Commission or Asset Based Fee

Investment management is done as a brokerage service or investment advisory service. 

For brokerage services, we charge a transaction-based fee (sometimes referred to as a commission) every time you buy or sell an investment. The amount you pay as a transaction-based fee varies according to the particular investment and amount invested. The more trades you make, the more transaction-based fees we earn.

For investment advisory services, we typically charge an ongoing quarterly fee (the asset-based fee). This fee is a percentage of the value of your account. You pay this fee even if you don’t buy or sell investments. The more assets you have in an asset-based fee account, the more you’ll pay us in fees.

Other Investment and Administrative Fees

Depending on the account type, investment service, and investment product, there may be additional fees for things such as: (1) account maintenance fees such as custody, trade confirmation processing, corporate actions, and transfer fees; (2) cash management fees such as cash sweep, checking, and wire fees; and (3) investment specific fees such as those for administration of alternative investments or for foreign securities. 

See the Fee Schedules for the brokerage and advisory programs at for more information. You should understand that these fees are not charged by us if your investment is in an account that is held directly with the sponsor, and not in an LPL investment account.